fauly capacitor

Cooker hood extractor fan repair

By chris 24 0

Cooker hood Extractor fan not working? It would be easy to write of a faulty unit and order an new to replace it  but that’s not always necessary, there could be multiple reasons why the cooker hood fan has stopped working. Here are some of the common reasons and things to check before committing to […]

2 nests

Can NEST control 2 Zones?

By chris 31 0

Yes it can. You will need a NEST Thermostat for each zone you wish to control.   Zoned heating systems can save a significant amount of energy by allowing you to only heat the part of your home that you need or using, instead of the whole dwelling. In a zoned system, multiple thermostats control […]

broken fuse cover

Does a broken fuse cover need replacing?

By chris 32 0

In a word, YES. As well as being unsightly, leaving a fused connection unit (FCU) or switched fused connection unit with out the cover in place will be potentially dangerous. The IP (International Protection) will also be compromised, allowing the easy ingress of objects (kitchen food stuffs and liquids) as well as the potential for […]

faulty socket

Fault finding on a socket circuit

By chris 36 0

Finding a fault on a socket circuit can be a frustrating and difficult task if you don’t know how to diagnose and find the fault. First start with the symptoms: What’s happened? – the circuit breaker or RCD has tripped? or both What happened just before the trip? – what was being used?  anything unusual? […]


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