Cooker hood extractor fan repair

fauly capacitor

Cooker hood extractor fan repair

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Cooker hood Extractor fan not working?

It would be easy to write of a faulty unit and order an new to replace it  but that’s not always necessary, there could be multiple reasons why the cooker hood fan has stopped working. Here are some of the common reasons and things to check before committing to replacing the full unit.

How to diagnose a faulty cooker hood extractor fan:

  1. Is there any power to the unit, do the lights work, does the fan run at all?
    If nothing is working check the the power supply, firstly the fuse board, has the circuit breaker tripped, if it has it will likely have tripped more appliances in the kitchen, maybe the lights or sockets.
    Use a voltage indicator stick to see if any power is running to the cables inside the cooker hood (remove the mesh filter to access the inside)
    Some extractor fans are installed to a socket outlet, if this is the case, check the socket is working and if it is then check the fuse in the plug to the cooker hood is working.
  2. If there is power getting to the unit but nothing is working then a detailed fault finding of the circuit board would need to be done, do not attempt this unless you know what you are doing. If it is under warranty then request a replacement or engineer to come out to fix
  3. If the fan motor is running but the lights aren’t working then it might just need a simple bulb change, if not then again it might need a new circuit board.
  4. If the lights work and the motor doesn’t then it might be either the motor needs replacement or the circuit board or both. If it’s under warranty then request assistance.If you would like us to come and repair your extractor fan cooker hood then contact us today.


In the example below the lights worked but the fan motor was not turning. It was receiving power and when opening the wiring and control panel we found the capacitor was clearly damaged.

fauly capacitor

After replacing the capacitor for the motor (just £12.49) the whole unit functioned as normal.

cooker hood fan

Happy Customer as this saved them over £150 to have a new cooker hood installed.

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